Radu Cezar Cretu


Radu Cezar Cretu graduated from Moldova State University (MSU) in 2018. He holds a Master Degree in Civil Procedure, currently undertaking a PhD in the Department of Porcedural Law of the MSU.

Radu Cezar Cretu has been a member of ”Tanase & Partenerii” since 2016, specialising in civil law, commercial law and administrative law He is a licensed attorney and a member of the Moldovan Bar Association since 2018.

Areas of practice:

Civil law

Corporate and commercial law


Family law

Property & construction law

Administrative law

Criminal law

Human rights

Spoken languages: Romanian, English, Russian & French


Areas of practice:


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Migration and asylum

We offer legal advice and assistance for obtaining and extension of visas and obtaining temporary or full-time residency in the Republic of Moldova

Criminal law and corporate criminal law

In cases where prevention is no longer possible, our lawyers will assist you through consultancy and court representations at the prosecution stage and at trial

Public acquisitions

We offer legal assistance and consultancy in regard to participating to public biddings