We are constantly looking for new talent. We offer apprenticeships and internship opportunities for those pursuing a lawyer career

We offer legal advice and assistance for obtaining and extension of visas and obtaining temporary or full-time residency in the Republic of Moldova

In cases where prevention is no longer possible, our lawyers will assist you through consultancy and court representations at the prosecution stage and at trial

We offer legal assistance and consultancy in regard to participating to public biddings

”Tanase & Partenerii” offers legal consultancy and assistance in cases of uncertainty regarding the constitutionality of a law, an Act of Parliament

Our team offers legal assistance and representation both in front of such authorities or in court proceedings

Our services include both legal advice and will drafting, as well as representation in any court proceedings arising from issues relating to inheritance

”Tanase & Partenerii” is keen on resolving such issues as discreetly as possible, regardless if the dispute is in regard to property, divorce or child arrangements

”Tanase & Partenerii” has a wide experience in litigation concerning the protection of consumer rights

Our team’s advice is based on a rich experience in legal representation and it is aimed towards anticipating, avoiding or successfully dealing with any possible litigation

We provide representation in front of the National Center for Personal Data Protection or in legal proceedings concerning the protection of private data

Matters relating to family law are by default extremely sensible and complex as well as emotionally challenging for our clients

Our lawyers will protect your rights in front of the public authorities (State Agency on Intellectual Property, Competition Council, etc.)

Our team provides a wide range of legal services in the area of both international and Moldovan corporate law